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Steeldrop - fancy and classic style with all the comfort built in to aid you in any camping trips and adventures. Compact and efficient SteelDrop camper that embodies the idea of an authentic drop type camper at a visionary new technological level.

STEELDROP model features

Built on the components of the German company called Al-ko.

Galvanized frame.

Body is made of moisture-resistant plywood of French production with stainless steel cover.

Rails with a carrying capacity of up to 200 kg.

At the back are installed two sockets, on the right filler neck with a 58 liters water tank and the CEE 17 connector for charging the battery.

All trailer lights are LED.

Steeldrop Basic KIT

Opening hatch 40 x 40 cm
Two side doors with windows and curtains
Salon decorated with textile materials
Clothes and shoes shelf 2pcs
Indoor LED lighting 3pcs
Indoor USB sockets 3pcs
Hooks for outwear 2pcs
Foam mattress 200x140x10 cm
Soft headrest
HPL plastic front finishing
Indoor socket 230V
Car stereo, 2 loudspeakers
Cup holders 2 pcs
Wall grids for clothes

AL-KO torsion bar suspension without roller brakes, straight drawbar
Galvanised frame
Steel wheels with “Baby moon” hubcaps 185/60 R15
Light alloys car disks with mud tires 215х75 R15
Body made of lightweight plywood with AISI 304 stainless coating
Supporting wheel with brakes
Outdoor LED Lighting
Rear position LED lights
13-pins connector with the function of accumulator battery recharging from car generator
Outdoor power socket 230v СЕЕ 17
External inlet with a closing stopper
Retainers of side doors opening

High-quality kitchen sink with electric faucet
58 Litres water tank with electric membrane pump
LED kitchen lights 3pcs
External outlet 12v for solar panel connection
Socket 12 v (lighter)
Socket 230v 2 pcs
USB Socket 1 pc
Fridge plug with control panel features
Loudspeaker 2 pcs
Voltmeter (rechargeable battery charge control), clock, alarm clock, thermometer
Kitchen drawers 3 pcs
Spoons/forks/knives organizer
Outer hatch of gas/baggage trunk 349х296mm
Decorative board
Car battery charger with fast charge function and storage
Lead rechargeable battery 55 Ah
Towel holder

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